Meet Canada’s Real-Life “Professor X”

by / Wednesday, 15 February 2017 / Published in Blog Posts

Author says superhuman powers are within reach of many of us

Toronto, Canada
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From a quiet study, in a mansion, on a tree-lined residential street, a middle-aged man is preparing to teach ESP to a group of students. While this may sound like a scene from the science fiction franchise “The X-Men,” in fact, this is taking place right now, here in Canada. It’s not science fiction.

Dr. Douglas James Cottrell of Toronto is the author of half a dozen books about supernatural abilities and personal development. He teaches courses in developing ESP, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and remote viewing—including one coming up this April near Toronto.

Students have taken to nicknaming Dr. Cottrell “Professor X”—the character in the superhero series, “The X-Men.” Made famous onscreen by Sir Patrick Stewart, Professor X has telekinetic and telepathic abilities and runs a school for people with similar supernatural abilities. Like his fictional counterpart, Dr. Cottrell demonstrates remarkable ESP abilities.

In 1974, Dr. Cottrell was working at the Toronto Star newspaper. At twenty-four, he was not much a believer in supernatural or psychic phenomena, but he and his wife, Karen, were desperately searching for help for their handicapped daughter, Cheri-Anne. The medical community had all but given up on her, and she was placed in an institute for crippled children near Belleville, Ontario.

Knowing Dr Cottrell’s situation at home, a co-worker handed him a book about Edgar Cayce, who was renowned for his remarkable ESP. A New York Times article called Cayce “an illiterate man [who] becomes a doctor when hypnotized.” Through years of study, experimentation, and practice, Dr. Cottrell learned to replicate the Cayce phenomenon. Today he is not only an adept practitioner, sought the world over for his unique insight into the underlying causes of numerous health conditions, but he is the leading authority on this meditative or hypnotic phenomenon he calls “Quantum Meditation.” Dr. Cottrell says, “I have found that Quantum Meditation is the key that opens a gateway, not only to powers such as ESP, clairvoyance, and clairaudience, but also the merge-point at which all consciousness and knowledge is shared.”

This merge-point is what scientists are calling “The Intelligent Field” (or “Akashic Field”). It connects our minds with everyone and everything in the universe. Fans of the “X-Men” series can liken this to “Cerebro,” which is the machine Professor X uses to make contact with others. Dr. Cottrell believes that anyone can learn to tap into this Field, and they don’t need a special device to do so. “Everyone has the ability to perceive information from the Field, with their own mind. The first step is learning to circumvent the ego, which has its own prejudices and experiences that cloud the way you see things.” He continues, “One of the lessons I give my students is: ‘tell me what you see, and not what you think’. Thinking is a process of using our reasoning faculties to come to a conclusion. This is not the same as observing.”

Dr. Cottrell—who recently launched his newest book, Conversations With The Akashic Field—will be teaching his specialized Quantum Meditation techniques in late April, 2017, at a facility near Toronto. When asked his thoughts on the infamous nickname, he says, “I know it’s all in good fun. Although I don’t look much like Professor X, we do share the same enthusiasm for our students. I tell them, if you feel the urge to develop your ESP, I encourage you to do so, to the best that you possibly can. Your mind can put you in touch with knowledge beyond your conscious understanding, but not by thinking.”

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