Advice on Attaining the Christ Consciousness

by / Tuesday, 10 January 2017 / Published in Blog Posts

Jesus pouring water from a jug

If there would be the attempt for each and everyone to bring about a degree of perfection into their lives, the Good Shepherd will tend his flock. Like any good shepherd, if one sheep wanders a little from the flock or the fold, the Good Shepherd will go and retrieve it, leaving the other ninety-nine (so to speak) behind.

As any would attempt to achieve perfection, as any would attempt to bring about the Christ Consciousness within, know that the crucifixion will take place. You need not post yourself upon a stake, cross, or T-bar, but you allow yourself to manifest your beliefs, even if you take a few insults or jeers from others. For understand the treatment of the man, Jesus, who became the Christ, and you would understand that he accepted that they believed not as he believed, and that his destiny had to take place. It had to be done in a certain manner: public execution in a way in which all could see that there was physical death; and then, after, there was the public acclamation of his words, so there would be proof that physical death can be overcome. If death can be overcome, then the soul itself must truly be powerful, and must be a co-creator with God or life itself.

As each would attempt to understand that, to accept your beliefs for what you believe them to be, and not to attempt to infringe or intrude upon others, but to bring about a degree of harmony and well-being to all others, to continue to give and give and give and give again (as well as forgive and forgive and forgive again), then you would be on the road to perfection.

Christ did not make what you would call a roaring, triumphant proclamation of his events. He chose the quieter, more impact-provable method. He became the example. As you would also attempt to be the example, to put your beliefs on the line, even if you take a little abuse from others, as long as you are willing to practice what you preach, you would have a good toe-hold on perfection.

(excerpt from Avatar: The Secret Life of Jesus Christ by Douglas James Cottrell, Ph.D.)